Engineering Construction Contractors: Helical Piers, Foundations,Bay Area
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Engineering & Building Construction Contractors: Specializing in  Technically Challenging Construction Projects in the Bay Area.

We are a family owned and operated specialty engineering and construction contractors company operating in California since 1978 encompassing two generations. We are among the first construction contractor firms to install Helical Piers Anchor Products for residential foundation underpinning in the U.S. beginning in the 1980’s as an original A.B. Chance certified installer. We continue to conduct construction contractor business throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, blending innovation and creativity to execute our work on new and existing structures. Much of our work involves technically challenging construction in very difficult and sensitive environments such as for seawall construction and repair. We specialize in Helical Pier Installation, New Foundations and Foundation Repairs, and Retaining Walls for commercial and residential applications.

Sunstone corrects, protects, saves and creates space.

Our construction contractors operate a fleet of equipment using vegetable based hydraulic oils in the performance of the following services:

Foundations & Foundation Repair

At Sunstone Construction Inc., we work with owners and construction contractors to provide effective, long-term solutions for new foundations and foundation repair so those that choose to hire Sunstone Construction Inc. are assured they are getting the best, most reliable foundation products and help available.

Foundations & Foundation Repairs Continued


Sunstone Construction Inc. leverages our years of experience and innovation in the seawall construction contractor and repair business to accomplish the difficult task of addressing coastal erosion on the bluffs and at surf line. Our construction contractors build seawalls in some of the harshest and most dynamic environments on the planet.

Coastal Seawalls Continued

Retaining Walls

Properly engineered and constructed retaining walls are a fundamental element at residential and commercial sites and are a cornerstone of business at Sunstone.

Retaining Walls Continued

Helical Piers Installation for Foundations and Foundation Repairs

Helical Piers or anchors are deep foundation solutions used to secure new foundations, or repair existing foundations. Because of their design, helical piers offer an easy to install solution in buildings or environments where soil conditions and other factors don't lend themselves to shallow foundations.

Helical Piers & Foundations Continued


Continuing to work with Large and Small Companies, as well as homeowners, Sunstone Construction Inc. has been in business since 1978 as a Licensed California Construction Contractor. We pride ourselves, in being a family owned and operated General Engineering & Building Construction Corporation, as well as being the original A.B. Chance recognized contractor/installer of helical piers and underpinnings, in the United States.

Our focus of construction operations are on challenging projects, usually involving little or no access for conventional construction methods. To excell in this area we typically work closely with:

  • Soils Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Geologists
  • Civil Engineers

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