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Welcome to Sunstone Construction’s Newsletter!

Check back here to read about recently completed projects, new projects that are underway, and also projects that are still in the development stages. Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

Recently Completed Projects

Steep Bluff Repair

Design Build Helical Tieback Shotcrete facing and Geobrugg Tecco Mesh structure—2nd Phase in Aptos Ca. REMI management, Haro Kasunich and Associates, SCI-Steelhead Engineering.

Emergency Work at Pleasure Point

Sunstone recently completed EMERGENCY work at Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz on a huge 14’ High sea cave created by large surf wave action and el nino winter weather. Construction dictated by tide and swell cycles of Pacific Ocean at popular public surf and recreation site. Haro Kasunich and Associates.

Full Perimeter Underpin

Sunstone recently completed a full perimeter underpin of a 7-11/multi retail building in San Jose with Chance Helical Piers. Earth Systems Pacific, Biggs Cardosa and Associates, Habitec Architecture.

Sunstone is Currently Hard at Work at the Following Sites:

Full Interior and Exterior Chance Helical Underpin

Large 15 unit Full interior and exterior Chance Helical underpin of two multi-story housing complex buildings in Salinas and 170’ Long 10’ High Helical Tieback Shotcrete retaining wall. CHISPA Housing/CCRB, Rock Solid Engineering, Whitson Civil EngineersHoward Carter and Associates.

Shotcrete Retaining Wall and Grading

Large 13’ High Shotcrete Retaining Wall and Grading job in Santa Clara County above Lexington Reservoir. Haro Kasunich and Associates, Duquette Engineering.

Full Chance Helical Underpin and Lift

Full Chance Helical Underpin and lift on a single story house in Hollister that had settled/sunk in excess of 3 inches. Duquette Engineering, 4Leaf Inc.

Chance Helical Underpin

Chance Helical Underpin of a large multi-retail 45-foot tall sign in Gilroy along Highway 101 South. C2 Earthgroup/Upp, Duquette Engineering.

New Construction Chance Helical Piers, Tiebacks and Concrete

New Construction Chance Helical Piers, Tiebacks and concrete for a massive deck replacement in Santa Cruz at Catholic retreat center. David Horn Roofing and Construction, Pacific Crest Engineering, Steelhead Engineering.

New Construction Chance Helical Piers and Concrete Work

New Construction of Chance Helical Piers and Concrete work for new decks and stairway replacements at multiple units in Santa Cruz County, Sand Dollar Beach—3rd building done at this site. Saso Construction Services, De Camara Management, CMAG Engineering, Jeremiah P. Allen, Timberworks.


Sunnyvale Helical Piers for Seismic Upgrade

Santa Clara Helical Underpinning on Recently Built Settled/Sinking Single Family Home.

Completed Projects
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Sunstone Construction Inc.,
San Francisco Bay Area
Recently Completed Projects: Steep Bluff Repair in Aptos. Emergency work at Pleasure Point Santa Cruz. Full Perimeter Underpin in San Jose. Visit our website for more project details.