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Debris Impact and Catchment Wall

Debris Impact and Catchment Wall

Sunstone Construction Inc.

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Project Name: Debris Impact and Catchment Wall, Beach Dr. Aptos, CA.

Project Dates: Fall 2017 – Fall 2018

Client: Moore & Machado

Project Description & Challenges:

This is an Impact and Catchment Wall at the rear yards of two properties to keep large debris flows from striking the houses. Property damage from erosion and weather induced debris flows and slides are common along the coastal bluffs in this area.

Techniques & Materials Utilized:

Access to the area where the wall was to be constructed was exceedingly minimal for this project. An 8’ wide 10’ high 50’ long, engineered lumber access ramp was constructed along the side yard over an existing wall and part of one of the homes to access the work area with track mounted equipment. The 11’-6” Impact wall and slope protection elements are comprised of a pre-manufactured system by Geobrugg and founded and fastened to the slope with Chance Helical Piers and Tiebacks. The composite style Geobrugg system was to help reduce cost and aid in constructability versus a more traditional style solid structure wall while still meeting the impact strength requirements. As such, there is minimal concrete used in the construction of this wall. A huge volume of excess soil and slide debris was removed as part of this project .

The SL-150 and Tecco Geobrugg systems used consist of high strength galvanized steel meshes, cables, posts and baseplates.

The SL-150 Wall system is supported and restrained by over 35 helical piers and tiebacks.

The Tecco slope protection is restrained by more than 40 helical tiebacks.

Pacific Helix Products used:

Chance SS series piers, tiebacks and terminations with varying required ultimate loads in the range of 45,000 to 79,000 pounds each. (45kips-79kips)


Sunstone Construction Inc. Debris Impact & Catchment Wall

Pictorial Project Journal

View the following slide show of photos taken at each step of the Project, from beginning to end.

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