Pleasure Point Seawall Project - Sunstone Construction Inc
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Pleasure Point Seawall Project

Pleasure Point Seawall Project

Sunstone Construction Inc.

176 Gilman Ave.

Campbell Ca. 95008

(408) 379-0592

SCL # 498537

Project Dates: Fall 2016 – Fall 2018

Project Description & Challenges:

This is a Seawall repair on private property incorporating public access stairs and walkway to the beach. The entirety of the work was performed from private property through a side yard access point that is less than 6 feet wide.

Techniques & Materials Utilized:

The finished project includes more than 30 grouted tiebacks in bedrock, more than 30 Chance Helical tiebacks in terrace soils, thousands of pounds of corrosion resistant reinforcing steel, hundreds of cubic yards of structural and art-rockrock carved shotcrete and a custom art-rock concealed door separating the private property from the public access walkway. The seawall is founded more than four feet below the tide line of the Pacific Ocean. The primary challenge in constructing this project is it’s location at the edge of and within the water; combined with the tiny access point and the need to maintain public access adjacent and around the work at one of the most popular surf and coastal access points in Santa Cruz.

Pacific Helix Products used:

Chance SS series tiebacks and terminations.


Pictorial Project Journal

View the following slide show of photos taken at each step of the Project, from beginning to end.

Note* Clicking on the image will bring up a larger slide show which you can scan through at your own pace.  Or simply click through the images in the light box at your own pace.

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

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