Artrock Shotcrete Seawall

Seawall Construction and Repair

Sunstone Construction leverages our years of experience and innovation in the seawall construction and repair business to accomplish the difficult task of addressing coastal erosion on the bluffs and at the surf line.

We construct seawalls in some of the harshest and most dynamic environments on the planet. We work hand in hand with the project engineers to ensure a successful job that works, is exciting and fun in some of the most beautiful places in California. You can trust us to provide ideas and guidance that only comes from having done the work.

Sunstone Construction Inc. has an earned reputation among the engineering, special inspection and municipal authority community for getting it done when conditions are lousy. They know even when it’s wet, slick, nasty and screwed up, if it’s our site chances are they’re coming out because we’re already on-site.

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