Davenport CA – Soil Nail Wall

Retaining Wall Construction & Repair

Properly engineered and constructed retaining walls are a fundamental element at residential and commercial sites and are a cornerstone of business at Sunstone Construction.

Conversely, poorly built retaining walls cost extra time, energy and money to repair and/or replace.  Sunstone Construction brings retaining wall construction to the builder and the homeowner in a variety of types and styles to suit varying conditions and budgets.

Sunstone Construction provides reputable, dependable, quality work at competitive prices

Project Name: Davenport, CA Soil Nail Wall site under construction by Sunstone Construction for GC ENTACT.


Project Description: 28,000 square feet of wall.  It has 513 soil nails on the face that range in depth from 36 to 17 feet in the slope.  Sunstone’s work is part of the full project being done by ENTACT, a national contractor who does environmental civil engineering projects.

Designer: Adams Resource Consultants out of Washington State

Project Challenges:

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