Effective Solutions: New Foundations, Foundation Repairs
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Foundations and Foundation Repairs

Sunstone Construction Inc.

New Foundations / Foundation Repairs

At Sunstone Construction Inc., we work with owners and contractors to provide effective, long-term solutions for new foundations and foundation repair so those that choose to hire Sunstone Construction Inc. are assured they are getting the best, most reliable foundation products and help available. Sunstone Construction Inc. has decades of multi-generational practical experience helping residential and commercial property owners fix failing foundations and finding ways to make foundation projects work.  We stabilize failing or settling foundations utilizing our proven, engineered foundation repair pier and anchor systems.  We additionally specialize in concrete foundation repairs, restoring structural integrity to cracked and damaged commercial and residential foundations.  Whether it’s existing settled foundations, new building foundations or additions from the simple to the complex; Sunstone Construction Inc. can provide the expertise you need.

New Foundations

We can construct a variety of new foundations for you. Most, though not all, new foundation work constructed by Sunstone involves some type of deepened support element.

Sunstone works on large and small projects for everyday homeowners looking to add space or correct a problem.

We use Chance Helical Anchors in various soil conditions to provide foundations for new houses and custom homes, additions, remodels, exterior decks, stairways, elevator pits, elevated boardwalks and platforms, equipment pads, solar arrays, bridge abutments and more.

We additionally construct new foundation elements with cast-in-place concrete, grouted mini or micro piles, pull-down piles, and drilled piers.

Typical Sunstone sites are often technically challenging and exceedingly sensitive.

We have completed projects at Yosemite National Park, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, Travis Air Force Base, San Francisco International Airport and are routinely at forested, creek, river and coastal sites including those within the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary and California Coastal Commission governance