Underpinnings - Sunstone Construction Inc
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Sunstone Construction Inc. Underpinnings

We have a long, successful and storied history at Sunstone, underpinning buildings with deficient foundations.

As an innovator and original Certified Installer for CHANCE Helical Anchors, our underpinning experience and knowledge base is extensive spanning more than thirty years repairing all types of buildings.

Partial Underpin, Perimeter, Full, Isolated Column, Residential Homes, Commercial Buildings, Tilt-Up, Industrial, Spread Footing, Slab-on-Grade, Concrete Pier and Grade Beam—we have and continue to fix them all with tremendous success.

We understand that each situation and building is unique having worked for decades across many counties in the Bay Area and beyond. This understanding in combination with our many long-standing relationships within the engineering community allows us to efficiently serve our clients needs and navigate pitfalls that trip up others and can plague projects.

Having installed Tens of Thousands of CHANCE Helical Anchors, Concrete Piles, Micro and Mini-Piles in a multitude of applications provides our clients and design professional associates with peace of mind that the repair will be a success the first time.


Choosing a contractor to repair what supports a building can be a risky endeavor.

Sunstone endeavors to make it less so.

  • We will work with your existing engineers.
  • We can suggest engineers of the dozens we know and work with if you need us to.
  • We take the difficult and make it simple.